Quality Policy.
1. Metalcôvo appoints as the initial aim the efficient production and commercialization of aluminium products as the related services, to overcome our clients’ expectations to ensure sustainability, customers loyalty and achievement of the pursued success.
2.  Metalcovo’s priority is to comply with the requirements of norm ISO 9001:2015, promoting the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the QMS and satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, as the compliance on the of EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016 requirements as well, ensuring the safety of the commercialized products in the Economic European Area.
3.  Metalcovo´s recognition as a credible and reliable partner based on the good performance in the market, providing customers and suppliers with a trustworthy relationship.
4.  To provide all employees the ideal conditions for the performance of their duties, creating an awareness-raising culture and effective involvement by all in the results optimization.
5.  To promote awareness on environmental issues by encouraging its protection as well the waste separation produced in Metalcovo’s facilities.
The Production and Assembly Department, consists of multidis- ciplinary teams, motivated and qualified for the execution of pro- duction orders with inherent characteristics of each project and constant dedication.
The focus on continuous training ensures the desired expertise and professional development and consequent personal enrichment are organized by betting in order to train employees and prepare them for the constant challenges.
Política de Privacidade